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Africa: UN Calls for U.S.$2.5 Trillion COVID-19 Support Package for Developing Countries

Di 31 Mär 2020 06:53:04 CEST
[Africa Renewal] $1 trillion should be made available through the expanded use of special drawing rights $1 trillion of debts owed by developing countries should be cancelled this year $500 billion needed to fund a Marshall Plan for health recovery and dispersed as grants

Africa: Neglected Diseases Kill More People Than COVID-19 - It's Time to Address Them

Di 31 Mär 2020 06:43:31 CEST
[IPS] Abuja -As COVID-19 surges globally and leaves fear and panic in its wake, global efforts are underway to find a cure. Yet, the same level of response is lacking for several other infectious diseases that kill millions annually. These kinds of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) are a broad group of communicable diseases which affect more than two billion people and cost developing economies billions of dollars every year.

Africa: Former African Leaders Press Emergency Plan to Combat Pandemic

Di 31 Mär 2020 19:50:08 CEST
[Premium Times] 12 former African leaders, including former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, have called for an emergency plan to combat the COVID-19 onslaught in Africa at a continental or regional level.

Africa: Why Sub-Saharan Africa Needs a Unique Response to COVID-19

Di 31 Mär 2020 17:31:37 CEST
[WEF] Malnutrition and disease means COVID-19 could be more deadly in Africa than elsewhere in the world. Health systems in Africa have limited capacity to absorb the pandemic. The strategic approach should focus on containment and aggressive preventive measures.

Africa: Finance Ministers Seek $100 Billion Cushion Against Coronavirus

Di 31 Mär 2020 10:51:11 CEST
[East African] African finance ministers have appealed for a $100 billion bailout package from international lenders to cushion their economies from effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has put the entire continent in virtual lockdown.

Africa: Replicating Global Responses to COVID-19 May Not Work for Continent

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:28:22 CEST
[ISS] The first case of COVID-19, now a global pandemic present in 199 countries, was reported in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. Africa's first confirmed case was in Egypt on 15 February. The first sub-Saharan case was reported in Nigeria on 28 February.

Africa: Johnson & Johnson Announces Lead COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, Will Supply 1 Billion Worldwide

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:24:59 CEST
[JNJ] Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) (the Company) today announced the selection of a lead COVID-19 vaccine candidate from constructs it has been working on since January 2020; the significant expansion of the existing partnership between the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA); and the rapid scaling of the Company's manufacturing capacity with the goal of providing global supply of more than one billion doses of a va

Africa: COVID-19 - Urgent Action Needed to Counter Major Threat to Life in Conflict Zones

Di 31 Mär 2020 15:52:09 CEST
[ICRC] It will be nearly impossible to fight COVID-19 in countries already devastated by conflict unless a concerted response by states and humanitarian organizations is launched immediately, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has warned. Plans to prevent and respond to the virus must urgently move forward before it gains a foothold in conflict zones.

Africa: Disabilities Should Not Exclude People from Receiving Dental Care

Di 31 Mär 2020 14:27:27 CEST
[allAfrica] In 2015, I had a client with Down Syndrome while working as a dentist in Ekiti State, southwest Nigeria. He came for a root canal treatment. As a competent dentist, I had a hard time treating the patient, because the dental facility did not have some of the equipment needed to treat People with Disabilities (PWDs).  Also, I did not know how go about communicating with PWDs about their dental care needs.

Africa: Countries in a Panic Over Ventilators

Di 31 Mär 2020 09:57:04 CEST
[Nation] It was bound to happen. The coronavirus outbreak has tested the global capacity to deal with one of the worst epidemics this century leaving healthcare systems worldwide in limbo.

Africa: COVID-19 - to Test or Not to Test

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:31:12 CEST
[The Conversation Africa] You can't fight a virus if you don't know where it is.

Africa: Technology and Training Can Bring Safe Roads and Better Jobs to Africa

Di 31 Mär 2020 16:47:13 CEST
[Caribou Digital] Since the Lagos state government's ban on motorcycle taxis (known as okadas) took effect early last month, commuters having to resort to the city's overwhelmed public transportation options have been spending hours in "go-slow", the traffic jams which characterise the infamously congested city. It's not just passengers that have been left stranded. Drivers have seen their income disappear overnight and have taken to the streets to urge the government to reconsider the terms of the ban and save their jobs.

Africa: COVID-19 Pandemic - FAO Urges Govts to Keep Food Chain Alive, Avoid Crisis

Di 31 Mär 2020 12:50:17 CEST
[Vanguard] Says over 113 million people experiencing acute hunger

Africa: Covid-19 - Measures Needed to Protect People Deprived of Liberty, UN Torture Prevention Body Says

Di 31 Mär 2020 11:36:08 CEST
[OHCHR] The United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) has issued detailed advices on a range of actions governments and independent monitoring bodies should take to protect people deprived of their liberty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Africa: Covid-19 Fears Should Not Be Exploited to Attack and Exclude Minorities - UN Expert

Di 31 Mär 2020 11:34:35 CEST
[OHCHR] GENEVA (30 March 2020) -The exploitation of COVID-19-related fears by groups and politicians to scapegoat minorities is leading to an alarming rise in verbal and physical abuses against Chinese and other minorities, with some even being denied access to health care and information about the pandemic, a UN rights expert said.

Africa: Keeping Up the Momentum During a Crisis

Di 31 Mär 2020 11:14:10 CEST
[ITC] From avocadoes to coffee and spices, smaller businesses and public and private institutions in East African Community countries, continue to receive MARKUP support amid COVID-19.

Africa: Coronavirus - RSF Condemns Curbs On Access to News and Information Online

Di 31 Mär 2020 11:05:40 CEST
[RSF] As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread across the globe, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on governments that are restricting Internet access and blocking websites to restore the public's access to information on this vital subject and to allow journalists to use the Internet freely to work and publish their reporting.

Africa: Embassies Burn the Midnight Oil Trying to Get Their Citizens Out of South Africa

Di 31 Mär 2020 10:35:47 CEST
[Daily Maverick] There still seem to be serious bureaucratic obstacles which could yet jeopardise any evacuation flights between South Africa and abroad -- both ways.

Africa: End Internet Shutdowns to Manage Covid-19

Di 31 Mär 2020 10:16:48 CEST
[HRW] New York -Intentionally shutting down or restricting access to the internet violates multiple rights and can be deadly during a health crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Human Rights Watch said today. Governments that are currently imposing an internet shutdown, such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, and Myanmar, should lift them immediately to save lives.

Africa: Open Letter to Gilead - Global Civil Society Calls For No Patents or Exclusivities on Potential COVID-19 Treatment

Di 31 Mär 2020 08:39:54 CEST
[MSF] Mr Daniel O'DayChief Executive OfficerGilead Science, Inc.

Africa: Greater Support Needed for Working Families As COVID-19 Takes Hold

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:50:56 CEST
[Africa Renewal] Newly released recommendations for businesses aim to help employers strengthen support for families during the pandemic

Africa: Preparing for COVID-19 in Africa

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:44:56 CEST
[African Arguments] Debating Ideas is a new section that aims to reflect the values and editorial ethos of the African Arguments book series, publishing engaged, often radical, scholarship, original and activist writing from within the African continent and beyond. It will offer debates and engagements, contexts and controversies, and reviews and responses flowing from the African Arguments books.

Africa: Rich Countries Urged to Do More As COVID-19 Hits Poor, War-Torn Nations

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:40:30 CEST
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Humanitarian organisations warn that the spread of coronavirus in poorer nations is outpacing global response

Africa: Dealing With COVID-19 in Conflict Zones Needs a Different Approach

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:36:14 CEST
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Pandemics can be weaponised for political gain, while healthcare access is often severely limited

Africa: Sailing Towards a Plastic-Free Ocean

Di 31 Mär 2020 11:20:11 CEST
[UNEP] The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) World Conservation Monitoring Centre and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology teamed up to undertake a microplastics research and Ocean Literacy project linked to the Japan-Palau Goodwill Yacht Race--celebrating 25 years of Palau's independence.

Africa: We Need to Decongest Prisons Urgently. for Everyone's Sake

Di 31 Mär 2020 07:48:27 CEST
[African Arguments] There are three steps governments across Africa can take to avoid COVID-19 spreading through over-crowded prisons.

Africa: Netflix Takes Steps to Handle African User Surge

Mo 30 Mär 2020 10:38:43 CEST
[allAfrica] Cape Town -Clearly the Internet is under pressure with more and more people working and entertaining themselves from home - and now Netflix is taking steps to stop a collapse.

Africa: Can Health Systems Contain the COVID-19 Crisis?

Mo 30 Mär 2020 10:21:37 CEST
[East African] A sharp increase in the number of coronavirus (Covid-19) infections across Africa has raised fears of a full-blown crisis across the continent, generating concerns that thousands could die if the pandemic overwhelms the already weak health systems.

Africa: Fill the Gaps, Feel the Pain: Insights from Sierra Leone on an Epidemic's Impact on Local Taxation, Public Services, and the Poor

Mo 30 Mär 2020 15:01:50 CEST
[African Arguments] What can we learn from Ebola about the potential impacts of COVID-19?